Day 5 – Jan 14th, 2016

We talked about the design of the robot some more, and we started working on our CAD (Computer Aided Design) design. We also went through the pros and cons of different types of wheels (pneumatic, small, large and solid, tank treads.) These wheels will be critical in our maneuvering over 4 of the defenses:  the moat, the rough terrain, the rocky wall, and the ramparts.
Our CAD will be needed to help insure the symmetry of our robot design in proportion with the other necessary pieces of the robot (electrical, bumpers, etc.)

One potential drive train design on CAD.

Thursday was the first day that the Mechanical Design and Programming teams began working on their specialties.
The programming team performed more in-depth analysis of the code from the 2015 robot. they looked at how port were assigned to motors and how input from the game controllers were used to execute commands. The Lead Programmers provided an overview of the RoboRio and it’s functions to the newer programmers. Unfortunately, they did not have a way to power up the RoboRio so no hands-on work was done.

Day 5-1

The Mechanical Design team discussed various options for the scoring mechanisms. They decided that a catapult and a linear punch were the most promising for scoring in the high goal. They also decided that using a winch would be the best approach for scaling the tower.