Day 12 – Jan 21st, 2016

We started the meeting with a short team meeting to discuss overall strategy and task assignments.

The programming team was able to set up the new WiFi router. A connector was found so that the RoboRio could be powered up on the workbench using an old 12V laptop power supply. They then attempted to wipe and re-image the Roborio but were unable to resolve an issue with password protection on the RoboRio. A call was made to NI’s support line for instructions on how to reset the RoboRio.

A subgroup of the mechanical team used parts from the 2014 robot to experiment with a pneumatically powered shooter. Another subgroup continued assembly of the AndyMark 8 inch pneumatic wheels that arrived. A third subgroup did a trial assembly of the bearings, axles, sprockets and chains onto one of the frame tubes. Ultimately, the sprockets and chains will be assembled inside the tube to make more space available inside the robot chassis (Texas tube design.) This will help keep the chains and gears from being affected by outside shocks and hopefully prevent chain slips.

Day 12-7
Discussing the drive train set up (Texas tube)

One of the mentors brought in some battery drills that had been consigned to the scrap pile at his workplace. A member of the electrical team started converting one of these to be used as a “handheld throttle” for use as a prototyping aid. The old motor and gearbox were removed. A battery connector and a motor output connector were added to the trigger assembly of the old drill. An in-line fuse was wired in since there would not be any other form of short circuit protection. A reversing switch was added to the circuit for convenience. The battery and motor wires were secured in the old drill shell using cable ties.’

Day 12-4

The utility arm subgroup finished doing the calculations showing that the torque on the pivot of the utility arm while scaling could get over 200 ft-lb, as much as what the engine in a mid-sized car would produce.

Day 12-1