Day 17 – Jan 26th, 2016

The mechanical team finished attaching the chains to the drive train. We now have a drive train with 4 wheels on each side, chained to central motors on one of the sides with gearing. We discussed if that design needs to be replicated. We had a discussion about shooter trajectories and technique for lifting and gathering boulders in terms of time taken as well as specifications for the shooter. The shooter is not bagged but instead will be left on the side and taken as an “extra 30 lb” of parts. This is so we don’t focus on weight/limitations and have


We’re working on putting the sprockets on the inside of the drive train instead of outside to offer more protection for the chain as well as preventing the chain from falling off of the sprockets. It also is more aesthetically pleasing.time to work; the shooter can be worked on on the side.

Day 17-5
Implementing the Texas tube design

We had the honor of a visit of students from a local elementary school led by one of the parents, Ms. Nunez. They spoke with our sponsoring teacher, Mr. Schenke. Some of the students showed them the various projects that the DiscoBots students were working on.

Day 17-3

Day 17-2

Members of the drive train team began assembling the prototype chassis using the chassis tubes assembled in previous meetings. They also continued making up wheel assemblies and chains to link them. The linear puncher team measured the strength of the springs in their prototype. Mrs. Belbas, one of the parents helped them work through some important relevant calculations. Some of the team members and mentors discussed how the linear punch could be installed on the utility arm. They also manufactured a prototype of a mechanism for cocking and firing the linear puncher. One of the team members worked on renovating Disc Jockey, our 2013 robot, so it could be used in demonstrations

.Day 17-4

The programming team worked on setting up the RoboRio after wiping it of the old code. They also worked on new drive train code to be used with the prototype chassis.