Day 24 – Feb 2nd, 2016

The drive team subgroup finished up the basic drive train so that the programming group could upload their program to the RoboRio and test drive the train; the drive train did work, although the chain popped off when going backwards.

Day 24 - 2Day 24 - 4

The Chairman’s team got together and finished all the writing necessary for the submission; the essay is being finalized and the Executive Summaries were finished.

All the parts necessary for the intake are gathered, but there is still discussion about the weight of the intake with the aluminum being used; the intake is at the very end of the arm in the design, so having a heavy intake is not the best decision.

The linear punch is being refined, and the linear punch subgroup now has a gear box to help with the shooting.

Working on the shooter
Working on the shooter

Day 24 - 3

We checked to see if putting our winch in the front would cause the cable to intersect with the collector, and it did, but it’s better to put the winch in the front so the robot doesn’t tip. We also tried to offset the arm to see if it would give us clearance for our winch cable.

We also tried to use the CNC router to make more L gussets, but the collect adapter doesn’t work very well and the bit slips, so the parts weren’t cut all the way.
The Electrical team ordered/cataloged electrical components and took off parts of Sullee like the PDP and vectors for the next iteration of the electrical board.
Day 24 - 1
We are prepared for tomorrow!