Day 28 – Feb 6th, 2016

We finished the PID for robot’s arms, set up the new robo rio, worked on driver station and worked with drive team to complete the controller layout.


We trained a rookie member a little in how to use the CNC machine and then made two more plates, one of which was a little messed up but salvageable. We continued to assemble the a-arms and a mock arm and attach it to a frame, then we added the necessary gears and sprockets, and tested the whole thing.
We finished the gearbox assembling and worked on the lifting mechanism for the linear punch. We began by changing the plates, realigning holes to get the mechanism to sit perfectly within the drive train (like it’s supposed to), then clamped it to the drivetrain and tested it. During testing, we were trying to see what would happen with some weight on the lifting mechanism (as if the linear punch was on the mechanism). When we tested putting weight on the lift (like almost all of a student’s weight), the churro shaft we used on the mechanism ended up getting twisted.