Day 29 – Feb 8th, 2016

Electrical team finished up the electronics board and it is ready to test tomorrow. In the meanwhile, they began to hook up the accelerator and gyroscope.

Mechanical fleshed out all of the components that were attached to the arm, such as the battery, arm brake, and winch mechanism.

 Mechanical wanted to have some sort of mechanical lock for the arm so that once they used the PID control loop to place it in position, we could take the load off the motor to keep from stalling it constantly. They contemplated some sort of cam follower and a plate with detentes in it, such as what 118 had in 2014, but ended up settling on a gigantic custom disc brake design which we have slight experience with from making custom disc brakes on the CETA go-kart.
They also modified the winch to have room for a versa-planetary attached to the cim so that we got the reduction we needed, because the current reduction is slightly anemic and can only lift 90lbs instead of the full 120lbs.
Our programming team wrote a P controller for the arm and writing for the gyroscope and have some people working on the programming for the linear punch (shooter).