Day 30 – Feb 9th, 2016

The electrical team wired up the gyroscope and finished the 2nd iteration of the prototype board, which is correctly functioning. While testing it out with the drive team, they lengthened the battery wires for more stability and reach.

Our Chairman’s team discussed the distribution for the presentation as well as the content and layout of the board.

The mechanical team continued work on the linear shooter by increasing overall strength and straightening out failures in the design, such as the roller. By the end of the meeting the shooter was properly working (as in it will no longer break after just one shot). In the future, small adjustments might be made (shortening bolts, countersinking bolts, etc). A part of the subteam is now working on the corresponding intake.


They also cut out more items on the CNC router: four L gusset plates and one new A-Frame gusset that has mounting provisions for our disc brake. They ended up breaking two tools and a fifth L gusset ended up being unusable because of an interrupted cut that loaded the tool too much. They ran into an issue with battery placement and have decided to move it outside of the a-frame to one side of it, so our CAD will be updated so that the battery mounts are matching.

Our programming team worked on reading current from electrical systems and wrote code for CAN Talons.

The drive team was able to set up a mock course that will help our driver increase his perception from far distances and obscure views and be able to make accurate and sharp turns.