Day 33 – Feb 12th, 2016

Our CAD team worked on making the manufacturing drawings for all the electronics panels. We used those for mocking up the electronics. They made a design for the bumper mounts, although that will be changed later, and they also made a set of vertical panels that surround the robot. These panels will hold many of the electronics and will also support the bumpers.

Meanwhile, the electrical team sorted out their materials (PWM and CAN-bus cables).

The bumpers team discussed how the bumper will fit on the frame before making a prototype. We need to wait until the final drive is finished before we can plan how to latch them on.

The drive train subgroup also finished fixing the drive train. They riveted the L-gussets onto the frame and tightened nuts in the gearboxes because they had come loose.  One of our team members also remade the winch for the lifting mechanism at the end of the competitions. The competition drive train frame has also been finished, and now we just have to add the rest of the robot parts.