Day 37 – Feb 16th, 2016

The build team began working on the wooden frame that the bumpers will be attached to. A new brake was cut in order to test the disc brake, and the build team also cut out the brake rotor. The upper structure pieces cut on Monday were found to match up to the Main Chassis very well, with less than 1/32 inch of mismatch. The process of drilling the mounting holes for attaching the upper structure to the main chassis tubes is 75% done.

The programming team created a basic autonomous program for the robot and tested it out. The auton directs the robot to go under the low bar, turn to align itself with the high goal, drives up to the goal a little bit, and it then does the exact opposite to return to its start position. The programming team also worked on creating the programs for the shooter, which will be a linear punch.

The electrical team drilled holes for the electrical boards and the panels that will be used to hold the voltage regulator and other electrical components. A spreadsheet was created to take stock of what electrical and pneumatic components we have and what components we need. We plan to use a single-action solenoid for the disc brake, although we could just use double-action solenoids and plug the second output. Solenoids will also be used for the gearbox shifter and collector. We need to order a couple of Talon SRXes. A bunch of the electrical team members drilled the mounting holes and wire retention holes in the polycarbonate panels for the RoboRio/VRM, the PDP and the Talon SRX motor controllers. They are about 80% done now.

The Drivetrain team was able to mount the hex shaft hubs onto the wheels because we finally got the right size screws in stock.