Day 38 – Feb 17th, 2016

The side bumper support structure has been glued onto the side plates. The upper structure front/rear panels can be joined to the side panels once the glue dries and the notch for the Utility Arm is cut in the front panel. We got the brake for the arm working, but when we attached the arm it would begin to slip down, so they upgraded the system to a large bore cylinder, but it has not been tested out with the arm yet. This may be because there’s a significant side load on the piston, so a lot of friction is created and it can’t extend as far. Therefore, we will be trying either a lever arm design or a bigger piston. The linear slide has started to be assembled. The mounting holes necessary to attach the upper structure to the main chassis tubes have been drilled. The drivetrain components may be installed into the main chassis tubes.

The electrical team finished drilling holes for the multiple electrical boards and attached the major electrical components. They got to finalize the boards, starting with placement of the motor controllers. The electronic components were assembled onto the RoboRio/VRM panel, the PDP panel and the two 5 Motor Controller panels. The wiring between components and the off-board wiring can now be installed. The drilling of the holes in the 2 Motor Controller panels is 50% complete.