Day 39 – Feb 18th, 2016

Our electrical team finished up the electrical board and are waiting on the robot to be finished in order to place and connect all the components.(The sub-panels holding the RoboRio and VRM, the PDP and the two sub-panels holding 5 Talon SRX motor controllers were temporarily connected and powered up correctly.)

Our programming team started the wench coding and polished the linear punch code. They also discussed the various auton options and began working on that as well.

The bumper team started to work on the planning portion for the fabric part of the bumpers. They also glued side plate/bumper support structures to front and rear plates.

The Mechanical team upgraded upgraded the brake cylinder assembly so that the cable was better supported and there was less drag force from side load. The brake locks up very well now. They made a reamer to convert an imperial hole size to a metric size to create bearing blocks for a tape measure outfeed device to put a hook on the bar.They also cut the notch on the front plate of the upper structure for the utility arm.