Day 40 – Feb 19th, 2016

The electrical team began placing components on the robot, since all of the mounting components have been cut and just need to be attached to the robot.  The pneumatics have also been installed and are ready to be hooked up.  In addition, the intake/shooter has also been completed and is ready to be attached to the robot tomorrow.

The bumper team installed the sub-panel holding the PDP onto the top of the A-Arm tube, the card guides for the sub-panel holding the RoboRio and VRM onto the upper structure.  We also installed a brace to the front plate to make up for material  that was removed by the notch for the Utility Arm.  We glued bumper spacers to the front and back of the upper structure in order to get a proper frame perimeter around the wheels that protrude outside of the main frame tubes.

The mechanical team cut out a replacement plate for the shooter gearbox so that we can have a higher ratio, and the 20 tooth gear that we were using was put back into the drivetrain gearbox where it belongs. We also cut out a plate to put the compressor on, but that is being revised because it will be mounted differently.  Lexan plates were cut out in order to hold the air tanks, and some bash plates were created to keep the arm sprocket from ramming into the low bar.

The chairman’s team finished preparing pamphlets for the judges. These pamphlets include information about diversity, outreach, co-opertition, and more. The pit and imagery sub-team also started prototyping some designs for the competition pit.