Day 41 – Feb 20th, 2016

We enlarged the cutout in the front plate of the upper structure in order to make room for the shooting mechanism.  However, because this cut through the brace, it may severely compromise the structural integrity of the front part of the upper structure.  In addition, air tanks were installed onto the bottom of the sub-panel that holds the PDP.  The motor controllers were wired to the PDP and motors.  The card guides that hold the two sub-panels with motors controllers to each side of the A-Arm structure were installed.  

We made the CAN Bus connections bewteen the electronics sub-panels.  The power wiring between the battery, main breaker, and PDP was made using new 6 AWG welding cable.  The reason we decided to use this type of cable is because it’s more flexible than normal 6 AWG wire, so the new 6 AWG welding cable makes it a lot easier to rout in the tight spaces of our robot.

We finished creating the pneumatics sub-panel and installed the PCM and solenoids onto the pneumatics sub-panel.  The solenoids and the wiring on the pneumatics sub-panel were re-arranged in order to make room for the router.  We installed the pneumatic gauges and pressure relief valves, and we also made the pneumatic system connections between the compressor, air tanks, gauges, pressure relief valves, and Utility Arm Brake.

The programmers wrote code for the CANtalons and worked on the drivetrain subsystem they also fixed multiple issues in it so the robot could drive.

The chairman’s team finished preparing pamphlets for the judges. These pamphlets include information about diversity, outreach, co-opertition, and more. The pit and imagery sub-team also started prototyping some designs for the competition pit.